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Empowering women to make positive changes


Soup Of Success provides job and life skills training for women in Elkhart County.  This intensive 20-week (20 hours per week) program addresses the whole woman mentally, physically and spiritually.  Empowerment is at the core of everything we do.  We help the participants find their voices, discover their direction, establish their goals, and then figure out a way to overcome obstacles to achieve those goals.

Soup Of Success is a voluntary program.  Referrals come from all over the county including therapists, schools, agencies, shelters, word of mouth and from Church Community Services pantry and financial assistance programs.  Women must be at least 21 years old, literate, and free from alcohol or drugs.  If they do not already possess a minimum of a High School Equivalent degree or higher, they must be willing to immediately enter into a HSE program.  Women put their names on the waiting list and must undergo an interview before being accepted into the SOS program.

All good things require patience.  Soup Of Success plants seeds of hope in the participants.  We care for them and give them the quality attention they deserve so they can bloom into strong, empowered women capable of achieving whatever they set out to do.  Graduates experience success in many different ways.  For instance, many have become strong enough to:

  • Leave a relationship filled with domestic violence

  • Regain custody of their children

  • Maintain sobriety

  • Improve their parenting skills

  • Build positive support networks

  • Ace the state EMT exam

  • Receive their CNA certification

  • Receive their college degrees

  • Move out of the homeless shelter and into their own safe, affordable housing

  • Get a job that they love

  • Receive their High School Equivalent Certificate

These women all have the desire and motivation to improve their situations and strive toward self-sufficiency. They want to better themselves and improve the lives of their children.  Most importantly, they have stopped settling and realized that they deserve, and are capable of, dreaming and reaching their goals.

Soup Of Success appreciates the help of its many volunteers and supporters.  In order for Soup of Success to be successful, we need community partners. Your assistance is critical to keep costs at a minimum, and to keep up with the need in the community as well as the demand for our products.

Facets of the program include:

  • Group and Individual Support

  • Education Modules

  • Career Counseling

  • Getting Ahead Curriculum

  • Hands-on Business Training (Social Enterprise)

  • Graduate Follow-Up

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