Our Staff

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Tom McArthur, Executive Director, 574-295-3673 ext. 110, tmcarthur@churchcommunityservices.org

Donna Parker, Controller, 574-295-3673 ext. 125, dparker@churchcommunityservices.org

Hayley Tessier, Development Associate, 574-295-3673 ext. 102, htessier@churchcommunityservices.org

Jen McOwen, Volunteer Coordinator, 574-295-3673 ext. 112, volunteer@churchcommunityservices.org


Soup of Success

Betsy Ayrea Delfine, Director of Soup of Success, 574-295-3673 ext. 105, betsya@churchcommunityservices.org

Kathy Peterson, Soup of Success Programming Facilitator, 574-295-3673 ext. 103, kpeterson@churchcommunityservices.org

Sue McDonald, Soup of Success Counselor, 574-295-3673 ext. 104, smcdonald@churchcommunityservices.org

Teresa Clifford, Soup of Success Production Manager, 574-295-3673 ext. 111, tclifford@churchcommunityservices.org


Food Pantry

Michael Downing, Food Services Director, 574-295-3673 ext. 116, mdowning@churchcommunityservices.org

Robert Wheeler, Warehouse Manager, 574-295-3673 ext. 131, rwheeler@churchcommunityservices.org

Kris Chumas, Volunteer Food Pantry Manager, 574-295-3673 ext. 132, kchumas@churchcommunityservices.org


Seed to Feed

Chelsea Risser, Seed to Feed Coordinator, 574-295-3673 ext. 122, crisser@churchcommunityservices.org

Financial Services

Vonda Horst, Director of Financial Services, 574-295-3673 ext. 106, vondah@churchcommunityservices.org

Rita Lane, Intake Counselor, 574-295-3673 ext. 101, rlane@churchcommunityservices.org

Don Rockwell, Counselor, 574-295-3673 ext. 108, donr@churchcommunityservices.org

Amy Brock, Receptionist, 574-295-3673, abrock@churchcommunityservices.org