Doing God's Work

For fifteen years Don Rockwell has quietly become a permanent fixture at CCS, and he isn’t even paid to be here!  After retiring early, Don began looking for something to do with his time that was worthwhile, and he found that at CCS. Don began his involvement with CCS as a board member, using his accounting background to help the agency. Don knew that the best way to really get to know the organization was to be actively involved in the work we do, so in his early days he also helped in the food pantry.

Then, our Financial Services program needed help, and he was asked to be one of our counselors. In this role, Don would meet with clients who visit us because they are in need of emergency financial assistance for things like rent, utilities or prescriptions.  Being a shy guy by nature, the thought of taking on this role was way outside his comfort zone, but he decided to give it a try. “I knew if I was able to help in this way, it would be because the Lord helped me do it.” Ten years later, Don still volunteers in our Financial Services program, saying it has been a fantastic experience and secretly sharing he’d almost pay CCS to have the opportunity he has to help people in our community as he does.

Don explains that his work is so meaningful to him because of the staff he works with and the hope he is able to offer. “Many who come to see me have all but given up hope. I have had grown men come in with tears in their eyes because they have been made to feel so bad about needing help. What I like best is how we treat people,” Don said. “We treat people with the utmost respect no matter who they are. Even if we can’t help, we do our best to refer them to another place that might help. I keep coming back, because there is nothing like the feeling of helping someone and having them give you a big hug and saying ‘thank God for you and CCS’. And they are right when they thank God, because we are God’s conduit, we are Jesus and God’s hands here on earth.”

If you are interested in volunteering, contact our volunteer coordinator, Jen McOwen at 295-3673 ext. 112 or Click here for a list of some of our volunteer opportunities.



Hayley Tessier