Offering Hope to Jill

Jill is someone CCS was able to give the gift of hope to because of those who support us. Jill came to our Soup of Success program after the birth of her second child. Jill suffered with anxiety and depression during pregnancy and postpartum. “Simple things like brushing my teeth or getting ready to leave my apartment were very hard to do” she said. Jill received therapy and that helped some, but then she learned about Soup of Success.  “I knew I wasn’t myself anymore and I was scared. Well, Soup of Success is where you find yourself. Soup of Success pushed me to do and learn new things. Slowly I did get my self-confidence back, and so much more. When I started the Soup of Success classes I didn’t have any hope and couldn’t see things changing in my future. Now I have so much hope and know I can do anything I put my mind to!” Jill recently started a new job and she is an advocate for others who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

Hayley Tessier